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The Strutters Gallery Project



Honor the past.                         Celebrate the present.                     Commit to the future.


Strutter in a parade, 1960's                       Strutter performing at halftime, 2008                       Strutters Spring Show, 2010

Honor the past.  Celebrate the present.  Commit to the future.


That's the Strutters Gallery Project Theme - Representing 50 Years of Excellence at Texas State


To honor the Strutters’ accomplishments and dedication to the university, their place in Texas State University’s history will be preserved in the Strutters Gallery – a living museum to be located on the ground level of the north side stadium complex at Bobcat Stadium. This unique showcase will take visitors on a nostalgic journey that will help ensure the Strutters’ well deserved place in the university’s history.
The fundraising goal for the Gallery is $1.3 million. Lofty? Yes.  Attainable? Absolutely!
Especially if Strutters are involved. Strutters have a reputation for excellence, a “ get it done” attitude, and an amazing teamwork ethic. The Strutters Gallery Project should be no different.
Several exciting projects are being planned to bring Strutters of all ages together in support of this important project.  Stay tuned for details!


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