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Traditional Songs

Alma Mater

The Texas State school song, named "Alma Mater," was written by Jessie Sayers (one of the first faculty members and sister of Texas Gov. Joseph Sayers.) in the early 1900s to the tune of "Ancient of Days," a Presbyterian hymn written in 1896 by J. Albert Jeffrey.

A tradition associated with the song is for students to come together at the end of an athletic event and sing it together, win or lose. Only the first and last verses are actually sung. 

"Alma Mater"
O, Alma Mater, set upon the green hills,
With turrets pointing upward to the sky;
We yield to thee our love and our devotion;
Mother of hopes and aspirations high.
Thy feet are laved by pure and limpid waters,
Fair river flowing gently to the sea;
Thy hills are crowned with ancient oak and laurel
Fit emblems they of strength and victory.
Thy walls can tell of struggles and temptations,
Hard honest toil, and eager restless strife;
Hopes, smiles and tears, and radiant youthful friendships,
And all that makes for brave and earnest life.
Dear mother, ours, should effort be successful,
Ambitions crowned with glory or renown,
We turn to thee with reverence and affection,
Thine is the conquest, thine the victor's crown.
Thy spirit urges us to deeds of valor,
Raising the fallen, cheering the oppressed;
Thy call will echo clearly down the ages.
Dear Alma Mater, mother loved and blessed

Fight Song

Texas State had no official fight song until 1961, when bandmaster Paul Yoder was commissioned to compose "Go Bobcats." The song is the rousing "call to arms" for all Texas State athletic games and competition.
"Go Bobcats"
 Go Bobcats all the way,
Keep that maroon and gold on high!
Fight on for every play
until you hear that Bobcat battle cry!
We're gonna cheer for our team today
Until the whole world knows our name.
No doubt about it,
We're gonna shout it —
Bobcats will win this game!
Go Bobcats (MP3, 1 MB)