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Pack It Up and Pass It On

Pass it on photoPack It Up and Pass It On is the end-of-the-year recycling program that encourages Texas State students to donate unwanted items to local families in need. Students may donate clothes, shoes, kitchen items, unopened toiletries, room décor, bedding and books. Collection barrels are placed in residence halls and campus apartments during spring finals.

Donations are sorted and set up in a "garage-sale" atmosphere. Clients and families of United Way agencies and San Marcos CISD are invited to shop — for free — during the designated distribution day.  

Pack It Up and Pass It On was created after the San Marcos Council of Neighborhood Associations approached the Office of Community Relations with finding a solution for the overflowing dumpsters at the end of the semester. As a result, good, reusable items are put in the hands of people who truly need them — not in a landfill.

The program debuted in 2002.